Cocaine Use Symptoms And The Need For Treatment

The effects of cocaine are heavily documented by federal and medical agencies so as to improve treatment for cocaine addiction. According to the NIDA, six percent of all patients in drug treatment programs were admitted for cocaine use in 2013.

The number may seem to be small because many people do not know how to recognize the need for treatment and therefore do not get the help that they need. Please call 800-605-6597 Who Answers? for help if someone you love has any of the following symptoms of cocaine use.

Changes in Mood or Behavior

Cocaine affects both the mind and the body. Various cocaine use symptoms often interact with one another. Many of the effects are psychological and accompany the “rush” or high that the drug produces and the crash that follows according to the DEA.

Cocaine use leads to mood swings causing dramatic shifts between a euphoric or happy state of mind and a state of depression or agitation. The user may have increased energy and confidence one minute, and then be restless, irritable, and aggressive another minute.

Behavioral changes may fluctuate rapidly and can intensify as the drug use increases. These changes may be severe enough to cause semi-permanent damage to the brain and body. Over time, drug use negatively impacts relationships—many of which are key to successful treatment.

Difficulty Sleeping

Cocaine Use

Cocaine use can cause insomnia.

Sleep issues are a common side effect from stimulants like cocaine, the NIDA says. The drug will agitate the person’s brain, creating the euphoria that many seek from its use. The physical changes that accompany the psychological changes can cause disruption in the body’s normal cycles and functions.

Effects on a person’s ability to sleep can lead to continuing problems. The body needs sleep in order to heal, recharge, and properly perform certain necessary functions, and a lack of sleep can have long term damaging effects on the user.

Insomnia, which is a common cocaine use symptom amongst long-term users, can create many health problems.

Recovery can take time, but the treatment process can help reduce the damage caused by cocaine use and may resolve the undesired changes in a person’s sleep that were caused by substance abuse.

Cardiovascular and Respiratory Function

Regardless of the method a person uses to take cocaine, there is almost always a serious and damaging effect on the heart and lungs. The cardiac effects can range from minor changes in heart rate and blood pressure to serious health threats including heart attack and stroke.

Damage to the lungs, throat, and mouth can cause breathing difficulties, problems swallowing or trouble eating. These symptoms open the user to serious conditions that can lead to respiratory failure.

12 Telltale Cocaine Addiction Symptoms

Why Treatment Is Necessary

Cocaine use symptoms can wreak havoc on the body, causing serious and debilitating problems later on. Some can be reversed with the proper care, but it can take years of treatment to fully recover. Certain symptoms, such as damage to the heart, are permanent and may require continuous maintenance treatments for the rest of the user’s life.

In some cases, especially when overdose occurs, the damage from cocaine use is so severe that there is very little that can be done. When that happens, the risk of coma and/or death is high.

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, please call 800-605-6597 Who Answers? to learn about what treatment options are available to help you. You’ll be able to speak with one of our caring specialists to learn more about overcoming addiction.

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