Cocaine and Cardiac Complications

Cocaine is known to cause cardiac complications. Most stimulants are. According to the National Library of Medicine, the cardiac complications caused by cocaine are well known and well studied. There are hundreds of issues caused by chronic cocaine use and abuse. Cocaine addiction is known to cause permanent damage if you are not careful.

Cardiac Failure

One of the most common effects of cocaine use is cardiac failure. If you take a bit too much cocaine, you can wind up in cardiac failure. Cocaine as a stimulant increases all of the body functions. One of these functions is heart rate and heart exertion. When this happens, cardiac failure is a real possibility. Most people who die from cocaine use die from cardiac failure.

Enlargement of the Heart Valves

Cardiac Complications

Cocaine use can cause irregular heart rhythms, which often lead to cardiac failure.

The gradual enlargement of the heart valves decreases the amount of blood flow through these valves. This causes less oxygenated blood to pass through the heart into the body. Less oxygenated blood means shortness of breath, fainting, and other symptoms of cardiac failure.

Irregular Heart Rhythms

Irregular heart rhythms are also a part of cardiac failure. When your heart goes out of rhythm, it is possible that your heart will stop all together. Most of the time this is a correctable condition but in certain cases it can be fatal. When the heart goes out of rhythm the chances of cardiac arrest increase exponentially.

Cocaine Reduces the Effectiveness of Heart Medication

When a doctor puts you on a heart medication, they normally assume that you will not use things that are dangerous for your heart. Since cocaine interferes with both blood pressure medication and beta blockers, the effects of this can be devastating. Most of these medications are designed to work in certain ways. Cocaine changes the way that they work.

Cocaine Causes Permanent High Blood Pressure

Cocaine use for long enough can cause permanent high blood pressure. High blood pressure leads to stroke and other heart complications. Many of these complications are easily preventable by stopping the use of cocaine. Although high blood pressure is incurable it is easily treatable by keeping away from cocaine and continuing high blood pressure medication.

Increases Heart Rate Beyond Tolerance Levels

Cocaine increases the heart rate to incredible levels. This causes cardiac arrest and damage to the heart muscle. Each person has the chance that the high heart rate will result in a heart attack or a stroke. Both of these are devastating consequences.

Cocaine Withdrawal Symptoms You’ll Wish You Didn’t Experience

Blood Born Diseases from Cocaine Use Cause Heart Disease and Damage

Many cocaine users end up injecting the drug. This is unfortunately a fact of cocaine use. Many people wind up with HIV or hepatitis when they use cocaine through sharing dirty needles or dirty pipes.

Not Seeking Proper Treatment for Cocaine Addiction can Cause these Issues to Become Permanent

In order to stop the long and short term dangers of cocaine use you have to stop using cocaine. This is extremely difficult to do. To find a treatment center that can help you with your cocaine addiction call us at 800-605-6597 Who Answers?.

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