10 Stimulant Alternatives to Remain Awake and Alert

Stimulant addiction is an extremely dangerous situation. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, high levels of any stimulant including natural ones can kill you. Stimulants are also extremely addictive and stimulant addiction requires treatment in a rehab facility. Fortunately, there are ways to stay awake without turning to stimulants.

1. Cold Water

Drinking cold water or pouring a little on your wrists can help wake you up and remain alert.

2. Light Exercise

Doing some very light exercise can help stimulate the heart which wakes you up. Be careful not to do too much or you will wind up more tired.

3. Cool Things Down but Not Too Much

Putting a chill in the air also helps. Turning down the air conditioning helps to wake you but too much cold air will also make you sleepy.

4. Acupressure

Stimulant Alternatives

Sunlight naturally helps keep you awake and alert.

The back of your neck, top of your head, and the back of the hand between the thumb and forefinger are all places you can rub to help you remain awake and alert.

5. Turn on Really Bright Lights

Bright light particularly sunlight helps you remain awake. Most people sleep when it is dark and are awake when it is light.

6. Use Strong Smells

Strong smells good or bad make your brain more alert. The smell can be anything but sharp scents such as peppermint usually work the best.

7. Chew Gum

Chewing makes you more alert. Chewing gum is just the logical choice to continue to chew for a while.

8. Eat a Protein Snack

Protein sometimes wakes you up better than carbohydrates or caffeine.

9. Switch What you are Doing for a Few Minutes

Changing tasks causes your brain to change alertness. By switching back and forth between two tasks helps to you maintain alertness.

10. Keep your Mind Busy with Something Complex

If you need to remain awake while doing something relatively mindless such as driving, keep your mind busy with something more complex such as trying to understand a complex problem or theory.

11. Turn Up the Music

Fast-paced music is also associated with alertness slower music is associated with sleep or relaxation.

12. Take Frequent Breaks

Taking frequent breaks helps you to stay focused on your task when you go back to it.

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13. Go Outside for a Few Minutes

Going outside for a few minutes, in the fresh air can wake your brain back up.

14. Take B Vitamins

B vitamins, particularly B12 are known for increasing your energy and alertness.

15. Drink Some Green Tea

Green tea in caplet form or in tea form is also known to help you remain alert and awake.

It is extremely easy to become addicted to stimulants. Most people who try to stay awake using stimulants wind up addicted to them. Although many people are addicted to caffeine, which in moderate quantities is relatively harmless, there are stimulants out there that you need to avoid. These stimulants are very dangerous and if you’ve been turning to them to stay awake, you are probably in need of treatment for that addiction. For more information on the treatment of this addiction, call us at 800-605-6597 Who Answers?. We can help.

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