10 Commonly Overlooked Dangers of Energy Drinks

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, there is a dangerous emerging trend in caffeine consumption and use. Caffeine powders and energy drinks are extremely popular but conceal many hidden dangers. Although most people do not have an issue with mild to moderate consumption, those who consume large quantities or are addicted to these substances may experience some of the more dangerous side effects.

1.  Caffeine Intoxication

Caffeine intoxication is a very new condition. It is the result of extensive caffeine use. The symptoms of this are:

  • Cardiac arrhythmia
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Seizures
  • Abnormal blood pressure
  • Death

This condition is easily preventable by stopping the caffeine addiction.

2.  Migraines

Large amounts of caffeine causes intense migraines particularly when you stop using it. Caffeine withdrawal includes migraines but these migraines may become permanent with extended use.

3.  Anxiety and Paranoia

Dangers of Energy Drinks

Consuming too much caffeine can cause intense migraines.

Energy drinks like many stimulants can cause anxiety and sometimes paranoia. When someone is exposed to the chemicals the anxiety produces for a long time, they increase their risk of anxiety disorder.

4.  Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes has been linked with energy drinks. The sugars and caffeine in energy drinks can cause pancreatitis and eventually diabetes. Although many energy drinks are marketed as zero calorie, they still contain some forms of sugar. These sugars are just as dangerous as the complex sugars we associate with diabetes.

5.  Insomnia

It is not uncommon for caffeine to cause insomnia. Using caffeine and many of the other stimulants in energy drinks, can cause issues even though you stop using caffeine.

6.  Vitamin B Overdose

Energy drinks have large amounts of vitamin C in them. Contrary to what many may think, it is possible to overdose on vitamin B and B complex. This overdose can lead to a myriad of health problems and even death.

7.  Cortisol Release and Build Up

Cortisol is a stress hormone. A build up of cortisol causes everything from weight gain to eventual heart damage. Too much cortisol in the blood can eventually lead to stroke or heart attack.

8.  High Blood Pressure

Since energy drinks cause your blood pressure to stay at a high level for an extended period, this condition might become normal. If not treated uncheck high blood pressure can lead to stroke and other serious complications.

9.  Cardiac Arrest

Cardiac arrest is relatively common when a person uses too much caffeine for an extended time. Caffeine stimulates the heart, when this stimulation continues for too long the heart ages prematurely and gives out.

10.  Addiction

Caffeine as well as many of the other ingredients in energy drinks are addictive. This addiction is just as serious as any other illegal or legal drug addiction. It causes withdrawal and sometimes death depending on the level of addiction.

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How to Find Treatment for Addiction to Energy Drinks

Addiction to energy drinks is extremely dangers especially when you consume them in high levels. Fortunately, there is treatment available. For information on these treatment centers call us at 800-605-6597 Who Answers?. We can help.

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