How I found Success in Treatment for Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine does not seem like a drug that would cause addiction. The high is short plus you feel clearer and more energetic when you start taking it. But once you like the high, you take more until you can’t stop taking it. After you’re addicted you feel restless, irritable, and worried.

Cocaine is different from other stimulants such as antidepressants. The effect on your psyche is higher and cocaine isn’t easy to recover from. Getting help from makes a big difference. You can call toll-free 800-605-6597 Who Answers? any time of day. What saving graces can you find as part of treatment to find success?

Detoxification Is Vital

When you decide to quit cocaine, you have to completely clear your body of the drug. Little amounts of the drug stay in your body tissue and can cycle through your body again at any time. Methods of removing the drug vary. And anytime you take the drug again, you have to detox again. Detox won’t be easy to get through, but it is vital to your recovery.

Family and Community Support

Treatment for Cocaine Addiction

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No one wants to spend Thanksgiving alone. Similarly, you need family and community support to get through addiction treatment. Cocaine is a mean drug so you need friends on your side to help you through it. When you are tempted to give up, effective connections can encourage and support you.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

If you want to fix something, you need a set of tools. With cocaine addiction, you will need to work with a counselor or therapist to figure out how you can think, talk and behave around the problems of your addiction. These tools will be your go to guide.

One-On-One Counseling Along With Group Support

There are many programs to help with addiction but the most successful ones include one on one counseling. You need individual attention to target the most difficult parts of therapy for you. The program will have great helps but you need some guidance on how to make therapy work best for you.

New Possibilities: A Cocaine Vaccine is on the Horizon

Don’t Take Defeat Too Heavily

Most addicts quit therapy several times because it is so difficult. Cocaine addicts tend to over-focus on the need for the drug. Even though you may be building a great set of recovery tools, you need help when you fall down. One way to get help is to to tell yourself that you can get up when you fall down. Defeat means keep trying.

Cocaine therapy changed my thinking and my life. It took time. One of the most difficult pieces was how I looked and felt during treatment. But the changes that took place helped me to get to a better, healthier place in life. I now have stronger friendships, a healthier body, and a great set of tools for when I struggle.

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