10 Ways That You Lie to Yourself About Your Amphetamine Addiction

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, lying is a characteristic of addiction. Amphetamine addiction is no different from any other addiction in this characteristic. One of the worst ways that you can lie is to yourself. If you are addicted to amphetamines chances are you have told at least one of these lies to yourself already.

1. I am Under Stress, that is Why I take Amphetamines

This is one of the most common lies. If you are using amphetamines to control your stress then you are addicted to the amphetamines. This is commonly known as self medicating and you need to seek treatment.

2. I am Not Hurting Anyone

Even if no one else in your life is affected by your addiction, you are still hurting someone. You are hurting yourself. Amphetamine use has serious long term consequences that can kill you.

3. The Doctor Prescribed me these Amphetamines

Lie to Yourself

If you have to tell yourself that you’re not addicted to amphetamines, then you probably are.

You can still be addicted to amphetamines even if a doctor prescribed them to you. Amphetamines are highly addictive and unless you are taking them exactly as prescribed you could be an addict.

4. I am Not Addicted to Amphetamines

This is a lie many people tell themselves. Just by saying to yourself, that you are not addicted to amphetamines probably means that you are lying to yourself.

5. I cannot Afford Treatment for an Amphetamine Addiction

There are many free or sliding scale treatment centers that are happy to help. Also many insurance companies, now cover the cost of treatment for amphetamine and other addictions.

6. Everyone is Doing It

This is a common thought and lie for many who use drugs when they are young. The truth is that not every is doing it, in fact very few people are doing it. By telling yourself everyone is doing it, you justify doing it yourself.

7. I won’t be able to Manage without Amphetamines

This is a defeatist lie. Most people who take amphetamines get to the point where they cannot manage daily life without them. Then it slowly destroys everything in your daily life.

8. I am in Control of My Amphetamine Use

Telling yourself that you are in control is a very common. The amphetamines make you feel as if you are in control; in reality it is the drug that is controlling you. This lie is usually followed by the next lie.

10 Common Causes of Amphetamine Relapse

9. I can Quit any Time I Want

This lie usually follows the thought that you can control your use. The truth probably is that you have tried to quit. You also probably relapsed by telling yourself one of the other common lies about amphetamine addiction.

10. I don’t Need Treatment for my Amphetamine Addiction

This is also a common lie. You do need treatment for your amphetamine addiction. Amphetamine addiction is very difficult to beat on your own. If you are tired of telling yourself lies, then call us 800-605-6597 Who Answers?. We can help you find the treatment you need to end your addiction.

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