10 Common Causes of Amphetamine Relapse

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, relapse happens to many recovering addicts. It is a fact of the addiction. This is true of amphetamines as well as many other drugs. Fortunately, relapse is correctable with treatment. It is important to recognize the common causes of relapse in order to avoid them.

1. Cravings

Cravings are one of the number one causes of relapse. Since you crave the amphetamines long after you quit them. The cravings come on suddenly and may be very intense. This causes you to want the drug more than if you never quit.

2. Stress

Cravings and relapse are very often brought on by stress. This can be stress from family, financial stress, or just anxiety over the recovery itself. Any form of stress may be a cause for relapse but the more severe the stress is the more likely a relapse is.

3. Pressure to Perform at Work

Causes of Amphetamine Relapse

Some people take amphetamines as a performance enhancer due to the constant pressure to be productive at work.

Many people take amphetamines to perform at work. They are a known stimulant and performance enhancer. This makes performance at work another stressor that causes relapse.

4. Pressure to Perform at School

The major users of most modern amphetamines are teenagers and young adults. One of the reasons why they start using is pressure to perform at school. This pressure is also a common cause of relapse.

5. Friends who Use

Friends and family members that use amphetamines are also a common cause of relapse. Whether it is through peer pressure or simply the fact that they are using, chances are if you are around them you will relapse.

6. Going Places that it is Easy to Use

If you return to the places that you used amphetamines before such as clubs and raves there is a good chance you will start using again.

7. Being Around the Things that you Used With

A very common cause of relapse is being around the things that you used with. If you injected or snorted it then you probably have paraphernalia that reminds you of using. This reminder is enough to cause relapse in some people.

8. Forgetting what the Amphetamines did to You

After you are in recovery for a while you start to forget the bad things that amphetamines caused. It only takes a few weeks before you start to forget and you wind up thinking about using again. These thoughts often lead to relapse until something bad happens again.

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9. Romanticizing Amphetamine Use

When you start to forget you start to romanticize the use of amphetamines. You remember all of the good times and you start to think that the use wasn’t that bad to begin with. This is when you are in danger of relapse.

10. Not Getting Help When You Need It

When you feel like you are going to relapse, you need to seek help. By not getting help, you put yourself into the position of trying to keep from using without any support. For help finding relapse support call us at 800-605-6597 Who Answers?.

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