Types of Illegal Stimulants

cocaine abuse

Cocaine is one illegal stimulant which is widely abused.

As the name suggests, a drug stimulant impacts a person’s central nervous system as a means of enhancing his or her brain activity. These drugs also boost blood pressure and the heart rate, while increasing the breathing rate.

During the time you are using a stimulant, either legal or illegal, you will experience a higher level of alertness. You should expect to reach a peak height of energy, often times bordering on euphoria.

Stimulant drugs come in a variety of forms, with all of these being addictive. Generally speaking, illegal stimulants are much more addictive than legal stimulants.

Types of Legal Stimulants

Before we discuss the many types of illegal stimulants, it is best to become familiar with those that are legal.

  • Coffee. As silly as this sounds to some people, particularly those who drink coffee every day, it is 100 percent true. Coffee will stimulate your central nervous system, which is why most people drink this in the morning as they are attempting to wake up.
  • Ephedrine. This stimulant drug is often times marketed as an herbal supplement, but it has the same effect on the body as other stimulants.
  • Amphetamines. Drugs, including dextroamphetamine and methylphenidate, fit under this category and are legal in most parts of the world. Even though there are restrictions on how you can use amphetamines, most people find they are able to get their hands on this drug.

Types of Illegal Stimulants

When compared to legal stimulants, such as coffee and ephedrine, it is easy to see that illegal stimulants are much more serious, mainly because of the impact it has on the human body. Here are some of the most common types of illegal stimulants:

  • Methamphetamines. This drug stimulant is illegally manufactured and can have a strong impact on the body. Before being injected, this drug is typically dissolved in water or alcohol.
  • Cocaine. Perhaps the most common illegal stimulant, cocaine is snorted or injected into the body as a means of getting high.
  • Crack cocaine. This crystallized cocaine is smoked, providing the same effect as cocaine that is snorted or injected.

Some legal stimulants, such as coffee, are used regularly by millions of people and widely accepted. Even those who do become addicted are not usually faced with severe health side effects.

On the other hand, there are illegal stimulants, such as cocaine, that are extremely addictive and harmful. Every year, many people become addicted to illegal stimulants, with some causing major harm to their body and others overdosing, leading to their death.

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