Examples of Stimulants You Should Stay Away From

There are stimulants you should stay away from, no matter what it takes, as well as those that are not nearly as bad for your body. Those that have no medical use, those that are considered illegal, are the ones that you want to avoid. These include but are not limited to: cocaine, crack cocaine, MDMA, and methamphetamine.

Conversely, there are other types of stimulants that don’t cause as much, if any, harm. These include coffee, ephedrine, and medications such as Dexedrine.

Why Avoid Illegal Stimulants?

illegal stimulant

Methamphetamine is an example of an illegal stimulant.

The primary reason to avoid illegal stimulants is the harm these can cause your mind and body. Over time, the more a person uses this type of drug the more damage it will cause.

Another thing to consider is this: abusing an illegal stimulant can lead to an addiction. At this point, the person is unable to stop using the drug, as their mind and body has come to rely on it. Subsequently, eliminating it from their life, without professional help, can be a tall task.

Also, using these drugs can:

  • Take a toll on your personal and work life
  • Cause financial difficulties
  • Hold you back from achieving your goals

What you Need to Know about Illegal Stimulants

Cocaine is just one of the many types of stimulants you should stay away from. The reasons for this run deep, including the short and long term effects the drug can have on your body. These include:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Nausea
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Paranoia
  • Panic and psychosis
  • Intense cravings
  • Permanent damage to the brain and heart
  • Severe tooth decay

Are all Stimulants the Same?

Yes and no. All stimulants, legal and illegal, have a similar effect on the body. In short, they work by producing enhanced brain activity. While this makes the person feel good at first, once the drug begins to wear off, especially stimulants that are illegal, things can quickly take a turn for the worse.

Illegal Stimulants are not Medical Stimulants

It is important to realize that illegal stimulants and medical stimulants are not one in the same. Some stimulants are prescribed by doctors to treat a variety of disorders. For example, Adderall is used to medically treat a variety of attention disorders, such as ADHD.

Now that you have a better idea of which stimulants you should stay away from, and why, you can do whatever it takes to eliminate them from your life. Cocaine, crack cocaine, MDMA, and methamphetamines can be extremely dangerous. In addition to the impact on your health, abuse can lead to addiction, which often leads to death.

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