Alternative Methods to Stimulant Addiction Treatment

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, stimulant addiction treatment involves a wide range of treatment options. Unlike some other drugs, there are no stimulant replacement alternative medications. When the traditional cognitive and behavioral therapies do not work, there are treatment alternatives for those who need it.


Sometimes the addiction treatment is due to dependence on drugs such as Adderall or Ritalin. In these cases, meditation techniques prove particularly effective for treatment. When lack of focus is an issue, training the brain to refocus is extremely important.

There are a variety of meditation therapies that work with stimulant addiction:

  • Focused meditation – a person uses a focal point or concentrates on a specific problem in order to find clarity.
  • Guided meditation – guided meditation is guided by a therapist or counselor in a relaxed atmosphere. This helps an addict visualize and work through their issues through relaxation and visualization.
  • Mindful stress reduction – this type of meditation uses breath awareness and awareness of the body to reduce overall stress levels.

Many other types of meditation exist but these three are the most used in therapy. Learning these methods can work as an alternative to traditional counseling and behavioral techniques.

Art Therapy and Hobby Therapy

Alternative Methods

Art therapy helps distract you from drug using thoughts and behaviors.

Art therapy and hobby therapy are both useful in stimulant addiction treatment. People who use stimulants often find that they need an alternative to the psychological habit as well as the physical one. Art and other hobbies help you to break the psychological habit and allow you to learn how to focus on something aside from the drug addiction.

Herbal Medicines

There is a long tradition of treating a variety of addictions with herbal medicine. Some of the herbal medicines used to treat stimulant addiction are:

  • Valerian root – a calming agent that replaces many benzodiazepines used to treat hyperactivity. Although this might seem counterintuitive, sometimes stimulant addiction is due to ADHD. Valerian has many of the focusing properties that some ADHD medications have.
  • Herbal stimulants – herbal stimulants are a double edge sword when it comes to addiction treatment. Many of them are addictive and dangerous themselves. If you use these treatments, make sure that it is under the supervision of an addiction specialist.

Many people use herbal medicine to replace prescriptions but it is important to remember that herbal medications can be as dangerous as prescriptions. There are addiction centers that specialize in treating addictions and other illnesses with herbal medicine.

10 Reasons to Seek Personalized Treatment for a Stimulant Addiction

Finding an Alternative Treatment Center

It is important to find a qualified treatment center that offers alternative treatments. Many use these treatments and others such as pet and equine therapy as an alternative treatment for stimulant addiction. For more information on alternatives to traditional stimulant addiction treatment, call us at 800-605-6597 Who Answers?. We can help you overcome your stimulant addiction safely.

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